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Editing and Review of Scientific Documents Written in English

Harcourt Editing Services provides personal, accurate and fast editing of all scientific documents. In addition, we will check for any inconsistencies in the scientific content of documents, a service not normally provided by most editing companies.

All documents are edited in-house by the founder of Harcourt Editing Services, Dr Rebecca Harcourt. Dr Harcourt is a native English speaker born in the UK, has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (First Class Honours and the University Medal) from the University of Sydney, Australia, and a PhD in wheat molecular biology and genetics from the University of Cambridge (Trinity College), England. She has over 20 years post-doctoral experience, both in private and public institutions, as well as many publications in respected peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Our subject specialities include:
  • plant molecular biology and genetics,
  • plant and microbial genetic engineering,
  • proteomic technologies and their applications to agricultural and clinical diagnostics.
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