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Editing Services

Editing, Proofreading and Review
Documents will be proofread, edited and revised. This includes checking and adjusting the spelling, grammar, logic and expressions used. Figures, figure legends, tables and citations will be checked, adjusted as necessary and cross-checked with the text.

In addition, I will check for any inconsistencies in the scientific content of the document.

Turnaround Time
Documents are normally returned within one week (i.e. 7 days) of submission (including weekends and public holidays). Each client will be given an individual completion date on submission of the document.

If the language quality of an edited document is criticized by peer reviewers, I will re-edit the document at no further charge.

All documents remain the intellectual property of the client.
All client information and documents will remain strictly confidential.

Documents Accepted
Documents accepted include manuscripts for submission to academic journals, grant proposals, book chapters, reports, letters, presentations, dissertations (theses), protocols, manuals and CVs/resumes. Please fill in the Enquiry Form on the Contacts page if you require other services that are not listed here.

Please submit documents in a Microsoft®Word format by email. Please advise whether you would like the use of English (UK) or English (US) in the editing process.

Figures and Tables
Figures and tables are accepted either embedded in the document, in PDF format or as separate image files.

It is the obligation of the client to check all edited documents before submitting them for publication. The responsibility of the final document remains solely with the client.

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Comments from journal reviewers on     academic manuscripts edited by       Harcourt  Editing Services:

"...the paper is written in a sparing and lucid style that makes it easy to read."

 "In general, the manuscript was     well-written, all the data are solid and of high quality, and the work is novel."
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